All the Wine, None of the Hangover - Low Alcohol Wines

All the Wine, None of the Hangover - Low Alcohol Wines - Clean Wines

Who said you can’t have your wine and drink it too? Low-alcohol wines are perfect for those days when you want to enjoy a glass without worrying about how it will affect you. So grab your glass, pour some rosé and read on!

Glass of Organic Bio-dynamic Pinot Grigio Wine

The Benefits of Low-Alcohol Wines 

 Low-alcohol wines have all the flavour of regular wine but contain less alcohol. This means that they won’t leave you feeling as intoxicated or hungover. You can sip and savor your favourite beverage without fear of feeling lousy later. Plus, lower alcohol content means fewer calories, so if you’re trying to watch your weight or cut back on calories, these wines are a great way to do it. 

How Are Low-Alcohol Wines Made?

Low-alcohol wines are typically made by one of two methods: removing some of the alcohol from a regular bottle of wine or producing a low-alcohol variety through fermentation. The former method is usually done by using special machines called “spinning cones” that instantly reduce the amount of alcohol in a bottle by spinning it around at high speed while sucking out some of the ethanol gas molecules inside. On the other hand, low-alcohol varieties are produced through fermentation control, where winemakers carefully monitor fermentation temperatures and length to ensure that not too much alcohol is produced during this process. This allows them to retain more flavour while still keeping their alcohol content low.

What Do Low-Alcohol Wines Taste Like?

Australian Red Wine Shiraz with snacks and a book. Time to relax

Low-alcohol wines can be just as flavourful as regular wines—just with less intensity due to their lower ABV (Alcohol By Volume). They tend to have more floral aromas and softer tannins than regular wines, and because they don’t have as much body or alcoholic heat, they can be very refreshing and easy to drink. Most low-alcohol whites range from 8% - 11% ABV, while reds range from 10% - 13%. Many popular varietals like Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon come in both regular and low-alcohol versions these days, so there’s sure to be something for everyone!


Whether you're looking for an alternative to traditional wine or just want something lighter after a long day with the kids, low-alcohol wines are definitely worth exploring. With all the flavour but none of the hangover (or guilt!), these beverages provide an enjoyable way to relax with friends - without overdoing it! So go ahead - pour yourself a glass (or two!) and let your worries melt away! 

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