About the Wine

What are clean wines?

Clean wines are wines that are:

  • Minimal intervention
  • Free from the most common wine allergens
  • Minimal Sulphites

Wines that are as hands off during the wine making process as possible. They are free from the top win allergens which arer egg, fish, gelatin and milk and contain minimal sulphites.

Do your wines contain Sulphites?

Sulphites can be naturally occurring during the wine making process and are used to stabilise the wine. Sometimes a very small amount is added to stablise the wine and research shows this small amount doesn't usually cause allergies. All our wines have the minimal suphites added.

So, what is minimal-intervention wine?

Simply put, wines with little to no additives and processing aids — it's about turning grapes into wine with as little interference from the winemaker as possible.

To read more, check out our blog here.

Allergy-friendly? Gluten free?

Does a glass of wine make you go red? Cause rashes? Your eyes and nose to leak? Headaches? Yep, that sucks and it means you may have a wine allergy. But you’re not alone. All our wines are low-intervention, vegan and gluten free, meaning they have no added crap and naturally low in sulphites. While we can’t guarantee anything and there is always the potential of cross-contamination, we’ve suffered through many wines to bring you these allergy-friendly ones.

To learn more about the top wine allergens, check out our blog here.

What is bio-dynamic, natural or organic wine?

They're all ways of producing wine and we've written a fun article on it in our Wine 101 page. Check it out here.

Are all your wines vegan?

They sure are. After all, we also care about more than just wine: we're environmentally conscious, we love our furry friends, and we can't wait for Sunday brunch with a glass of rosé (or two).


How can I get my hands on your wine? Can I pick up?

We don’t give out our address, so you can’t pick up. But don’t worry, we’re quick. Your wine will be ready on your doorstop in any major city within 1-4 days.

Do you ship overseas?

We know how important to you wine is but you're out of luck, our liquor licence is only for Australia.

Will my order come with tracking?

Yes — all orders come with tracking. You’ll receive your tracking number in your confirmation email, then you can take the day off and wait for it to arrive.

I'm excited and impatient. How long will my order take to arrive?

We would be too, if we were you.

All Australian orders are shipped within 48 business hours from our Melbourne warehouse, but shipping times vary depending on where you are. The below timeframes do not include weekends or public holidays, and we’re probably out climbing a mountain without a shirt on or something. Also, the post office is shut.

Metropolitan Melbourne: 1-3 business days.

Regional Victoria: 2-5 business days.

Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane: 1-4 business days.

Darwin, Hobart and Perth: 4-7 business days.

Everywhere else in Australia: 5-10 business days.

Orders & Returns

I made a mistake with my order. Can I cancel or change it?

We like to get your parcel to you ASAP so probably not, but reach out and try. If we haven't sent it, we'll change it.

I'd like you to take my money, what payment methods do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Paypal and, of course, Afterpay.

I don’t love my wine, what do I do?

Product arrived damaged or defective? Changed your mind? Had one too many wines and ordered something without realising? We exchange and refund all products within 30 days of purchase. Send us an email to hello@clean-wines.com.auand we’ll credit your account. No questions asked.

  • Afterpay Buy Now, pay later
  • Money back quarantee

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