Am I allergic to wine? 5 Signs You're Allergic to Wine

Am I allergic to wine? 5 Signs You're Allergic to Wine - Clean Wines

Wine allergies are becoming more prevalent everyday - a recent study showed that 25% of the participants have some form of wine allergies!

So what are the signs:

  1. You're a woman.

Unfortunately, according to recent studies, women are twice as likely to be allergic to wine than men. Damn!

  1. Your skin breaks out

One of the most common signs of a wine allergy is a skin rash, which can appear as hives or red, itchy patches on the skin. This is usually caused by histamine release, a natural compound found in wine.

  1. You're congested or your nose won’t stop running

Allergies can cause nasal congestion or a runny nose, and wine allergies are no exception. Many wines are clarified using proteins from casein (found in dairy) and egg whites - these proteins are known for causing inflammation in the nasal passage.

  1. You’re head is aching

Some people who are allergic to wine may experience headaches or migraines after consuming it. This is usually due to sulfites, which are added to wine as a preservative and can trigger headaches in sensitive individuals.

  1. You’re running to the toilet

Allergies can also cause gastrointestinal issues such as nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. One of the main culprits is chitosan, an ingredient originating from seafood, which is used as a fining agent in white wine. It can cause tingling in your mouth, itching, eczema and abdominal pain.

So is all hope lost? Absolutely not! 

Most wine allergens come from animal products and the fining and clarifying process so drinking wines that are more hands off at the winery, such as minimal intervention or bio-dynamic and vegan wines should avoid a lot of these issues. These also often contain minimal sulphites. While sulphite free wines are available, they are also rare and have a very short shelf life. Fortunately, the ones with minimal amounts rarely cause an issue. So next time you're purchasing, check the label for vegan friendly and minimal sulphites and get back to sipping wine guilt-free.

That's why we started Clean Wines - to help wine allergy sufferers drink wine again - every one of our wines is allergy friendly!

Note: this is not medical advice and please consult your doctor.

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