Natural, Bio-Dynamic, Vegan Wines - Confused Yet?

Natural, Bio-Dynamic, Vegan Wines - Confused Yet? - Clean Wines

Do you care about what you put in your body? Then you probably care about what goes into your glass as well.

Natural, Low/Minimal Intervention, bio-dynamic, organic, vegan wines - confused yet? They sound healthier but what do they actually mean and are they better for you? Do they taste better than conventionally “regularly” made wine?


While it’s not globally regulated or defined this is our take on what natural means - nothing added, nothing taken away.

Nothing is being added to the wine. No copper, sulphur or other chemicals and no yeast, acid or tannin. Nothing is being taken away. Just fermented organic grape juice in its natural form so no filtering, fining or reverse osmosis.

How does it taste? Sometimes it’s kombucha like or can have a slight spritz. Often cloudy, some have a sour tang and some are wildly fruity. Really depends on its origins.


During the filtering process, some wines use animal by-products such as collagen from fish bladders, egg whites and gelatin to give the wine its clear colour. Vegan wines usually use bentonite clay or are un-filtered.

How does it taste? No different to other wines.


Grapes grown with no chemical intervention or added preservatives to the bottle. They must be certified to wear the label although it’s quite expensive and some wines will use organic practices without being certified.

How does it taste? No different to other wines.


A holistic approach following the natural cycles of nature was created by Rudolph Stenier, an educational and agricultural reformer. It’s a self-sustaining system that follows the moon phases. It’s organic and the most sustainable wine option.

How does it taste? We find they have a bit of a richer flavour than conventionally made wine but it really depends on its origins. 

Low/Minimal Intervention

Another term that’s not defined but our take is it’s as hands off as possible. It can encompass all the above terms but fitting into those options isn't always possible for all wineries so it’s as natural as practical but sometimes some intervention is needed.

We love low-intervention wines. They tend to be the healthier options and are less likely to cause allergies, particularly natural and biodynamic wines. Check out our range to try some of our favourites.

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