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Experience the Natty-cano: Craft cocktails like a maestro with the alluring blend of Unico Yuzu, Pet Nat, and Red Bitter Liqueur

Your gateway to crafting the enchanting Natty-cano cocktail that promises a whirlwind of flavours. This carefully curated pack brings together the essential trio: Unico Yuzu, Pet Nat, and Red Bitter Liqueur, destined to redefine your cocktail repertoire.

Unveil the thrill of mixology by assembling the Natty-cano - a masterpiece in a glass. Pour 45ml of Unico Yuzu to infuse your concoction with a burst of exotic citrus energy. Elevate the experience with 120ml of Pet Nat, adding effervescence that dances on your palate. A final flourish of 15ml Red Bitter Liqueur balances the ensemble with a touch of intriguing complexity. As the ingredients blend over ice in a tall glass, you're transported to a realm where flavours unite in perfect harmony, inviting you to indulge in each refreshing sip. Ignite your creativity, toast to innovation, and share the Natty-cano with friends, or savour it solo as you embark on a journey through a spectrum of taste sensations.

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The Natty-cano

45ml Unico Yuzu
120ml Unico Sea Foam (Pet Nat)
15ml Økar Island Bitter (Red Bitter Liqueur)
Add ingredients to a tall glass. Fill with ice. Enjoy.