Unico Yuzu Sweet Vermouth 2022

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A Flavourful Fusion of Fun and Love!

Unveiling the Unico Yuzu Sweet Vermouth 2022: Where Fun meets Love in a harmonious dance of flavours! Picture the vibrant spirit of Adelaide Hills Merlot intertwining with the enchanting Yuzu, a zesty gem from the Far East. Add to this the sweet embrace of Vermouth and a touch of Australia's native essence, and you've got an extraordinary concoction crafted solely for the pursuit of enjoyment and affection.

Dive into a glass of Unico Yuzu Sweet Vermouth 2022 and set sail on an unparalleled taste voyage. It's not just a drink – it's a symphony of sensations inspired by the playful fusion of Merlot's sophistication, Yuzu's exotic allure, Vermouth's sugary notes, and Australia's unique botanical treasures. Let this elixir be your companion in celebrating life's whimsy and love's sweetness, a testament to the art of blending that awakens your senses and invites you to revel in life's most delightful pleasures.

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The Natty-cano

45ml Unico Yuzu
120ml Unico Sea Foam (Pet Nat)
15ml Økar Island Bitter (Red Bitter Liqueur)
Add ingredients to a tall glass. Fill with ice. Enjoy.